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The Fanfiction Library of Completed Works

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Posted 01 October 2005 - 09:26 PM

Welcome to the Fanfiction Library of Completed Works!

Enter, my friends! Enter into these hallowed halls of wondrous works and enjoy browsing through the vast collection of stories here. Remember, if you want to leave a comment, either open up a new thread or search to see if there is already aan existing one. :) . And if you want to add your completed work, please PM me. :)


Spellhold Studios' Fiction Contest January 2008


By Audacity
An Affair

By Bri
Are You Being Served?
Fateful Choice

By Celestine
Happily Ever After
Immortal Souls
Enielle’s Disappearance [Revised]

By Cprefect

By DalreiDal
Lich Hunting
Irony of Fate
Out of the Dark and the Mist

By Domi and Strange Girl
Sola’s FF: The Turnip Named Desire

By Jolyth
The Tangled Web: A Spellhold Story

By Kirwond
BG2 Redux
Death and Taxes
On Common Ground

By Onyx
Fear & Loathing in Luskan: A Savage (Frontier) Journey to the Heart of…
Baldur Kombat
Noble Knight? Mad Mage? It’s all about the Princesses, Baby!
Harper 007: License to Smite
Throne Wars I: The Coin of Bhaal
Throne Wars II: Demonheart
Throne Wars III: The Circus of Chaos
Throne Wars IV: The New World

By Shadowhawke
Cry of the Moon
Dancing with the Night

By ShadowHunter
Fallen Tears

By Silverose
After the End

By Tempest
At Soul’s Edge

By VigaHrolf
Wine and Weakness
Night Terrors
A Meeting of Like Minds
Marcus, Can You See the Light?
A Little Prank

Short Stories and One Shots

By Beyshaliban
Rest In Pieces, one shots by Beyshaliban

By Bri
Allure of Heaven and Other Works

By Cliffette
The End of All Things
The Blood of A
My Dear Ooc, Eh?

By DalreiDal
Two Little Fan Fictions
When Things Don't Turn Out the Way They're Supposed To: She Dies in the Beginning
He dies in the End
A Spymaster's Musings

By Domi
From Domi (A Drizzt Story)
Traveller’s Guide to Underdark

By Kael
Love of Life Delight of Death
What happens when…

By Kirwond
The Mighty Boo

By Lady Alustriel
Past Lives
Shadows to Be

By Lady_Caetlyn

By Lady LeFay
About a Young Paladin

By Onyx
Oh my god, they killed Aerie!
Kelsey's Time Stop
Viconia's Secret

By Perdita (Cynthia Crise)
A Fallen Skylark
Scouring Durlag’s Tower

By Queen_Akasha
Anomen and Kelsey sittin’ in a tree….
Anomen and Kelsey sittin’ in a tree….PRT II

By Rusalka
Twists of Fate, Short Stories by Rusalka

By Shadowhawke
Chain of Lightening, Short Stories by Shadowhawke

By Sky_Knight
The world’s first fanfic written for a mod that hasn’t been released! (A Rowan Story)

By Tempest
Cold Fire

By Theodur
Pandora’s Aquarium, Short Stories by Theodur

By Vilkacis
The Ranger Rap

By Userunfriendly
Parody Songs

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Through lightning, travel shadow,
Through hell and all above,
Surviving sword and arrow,
Bound stronger by the love


And in the end a witness,
To where the death has lain,
Silent through the sorrow,
Where innocents lie slain